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Xperience Xponential Xpansion with SMARTSolutionsTM that build your BRAND




SMART: the difference that makes the difference.

Simply put, each one of our mobile SMARTSolutions* get smarter with every interaction.
And smarter means more predictive. Leverage these unparalleled insights to increase
engagement, drive execution, decrease attrition and increase profits.

Our platform is modular to give you more control

Our platform is modular to give you more control. Use our apps individually or as one powerfully integrated solution for global brand growth.


Integrated Smart SolutionsTM Delivering Engagement and Execution

“What was once the future is now a reality.”

Key measures of success including: marketing, operational execution and human
resources have traditionally been measured as distinct silos within organizations.

The truth is ... it’s all connected.

What was once the future is now a reality.

“What if each connection was meaningful?”

NextX SMARTSolutions* drive, accelerate and converge Engagement, Execution,
Employee Success into Meaningful Insights through real time, modular mobile apps
synergistically integrated to offer your guests extraordinary experiences and exponential
growth for your brand.

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Xperience our integrated SMARTSolutions

Marketing and Engagement

“Expanding beyond social marketing, meaningful engagement allows us to listen deeply, respect and respond to the voice of the customer.”


SmartXperience TM Imagine your mobile app as the heart center of customer engagement. The more ways your customer interacts through your app, the SMARTER and more predictive the organization and the app become in order to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations.


Real-time recovery with measurable buying patterns after recovery.

Crowdsource product ideas and introductions with your elite customers for deeper engagement and evangelism.

Profitably build your brand by incentivizing and tracking customers who already come to come again.

Accept payments, track and manage gift card balances. Order online from any smart device.

Real-time customer sentiments captured and rewarded on every visit. Increase quality and quantity of buying patterns, engagement and brand execution.

1:1 Customized offers, promotions and messages based on interests, location and day part.


Know your customer to grow your customer.

Imagine listening deeply as a means to discover how to best meet the needs of your customers. The more they tell you, the more they expect you to honor what they reveal about their needs, buying patterns and preferences.

Customize and tailor offers to increase buying frequency, ticket/basket averages by meeting their needs rather than pushing yours and watch the love affair ignite!

“We go beyond simple compliance by simply
fostering commitment.”

SmartSolutions TM A total operations blueprint to mobilize and streamline open-to-close operations for your manager and your team. Our dynamic, interactive routines save seconds while increasing profitability through higher levels of consistent execution in operations, safety and your guest experience.

Deploy success routines on a global scale instantly with
the click of a button.

Move from manuals and forms to proven routines that build better habits on every shift.

Custom alert prompts to keep your team on track, driving execution and accountability.

Integrate seamlessly with above-store solutions for 1:1 engagement, improvement and profitable growth.

SMARTsos.png 1465939733_Trademark.png

Built in Drive-Thru and Front Counter timing diagnostic for increased speed with built in coaching for real time course correction.

Immediate feedback and actions. Rewards for right actions. Alert triggers and escalation.

Interactive standards, job aides, coaching is all embedded and accessible at your team’s fingertips.

SMARTRoutine Apps are modular, stackable solutions that help drive execution.



Mobile SMARTRoutines include driving behaviors in food quality, safety and HAACP. In-store and above-store monitoring, alerts and built-in job aides ensure execution of routines on time, every time and within standards.

Centralized insights allow for monitoring and intervention whenever and wherever instantly on a global scale.

Insights into behaviors through patterns, and trends for 1:1 focus and improvement.

Wireless bluetooth thermometer.

Simple intuitive interface.

Immediate feedback and coaching.

Embedded job aides at your fingertips.

Real-time reminders and alerts.

Saves seconds, increases capability.

“What if we could go beyond basic training
and create dynamic situational leaders?”


SmartMastery TMLearning “in position” with a multi sensory experience results in increased engagement, learning retention and higher execution in the real world. Gaming principles and levels create on-going, fun, learning, growth achievement and fuel your culture as your brand grows.

1:1 patterns drive relevant and proactive interventions with our SMARTSolutions* platform.


1:1 insights drive additional training triggers. Engaged, growing employees stay 56% more.


instantly update terms
multi sensory interactios
inside into team strengths

Data Drives Meaningful Insights

“Every aspect of your brand is connected in
meaningful and powerful ways.”



This app offers real time data points in both execution and guest engagement which are instantly connected into actionable insights relevant to the team and team leaders. With 1:1 connectivity, patterns are visible - driving focus with embedded coaching for redirection and increased financial results.

1:1 connectivity allows you to listen deeply and discover patterns thoughout your entire organization with “Customer Engagement” at the center of every function.

Customer Engagement

Our Story

"In today's world, there is a constant drive for connection. Connection to one another and connection through technology."

Leveraging our 15 years of global success, we asked ourselves, "What if each connection was meaningful? Relevant? Exponential in Impact? Financially Quantifiable?"

Our intent is to harness mobile technology to create authentic 1:1 relationships that increase and amplify the best in people, engage with the guest/customers in the most relevant and exciting ways and deliver increasing, measurable financial gains to the Brand as it builds and grows globally.

The result is the SMARTSolutions* platform designed around the principles of the Service Profit Chain to drive 1:1 true interaction with unparalleled actionable insights:

Beyond social to deep listening. Beyond viral to exponential. Beyond Likes and sharing to engagement and buying. Beyond awareness to measurable, demonstrable financial results.

Beyond audits and averages to daily actionable insights that create new behaviors, patterns and routines. Beyond rollups and reporting to technology getting SMARTER for you every time you interact with it.

Employee Success
Beyond training to multi-sensory, engaging interaction that drives greater execution, retention and minimizes attrition. Beyond grading to collaborative learning leveraging personal bests and progress as inspirational and aspirational measures.

Located in Austin Texas with offices in China, we aim to be the best company for the world, not just in it.

Let's Connect and Build YOUR Brand Xponentially!



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Let's connect.
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